Our Story

Love Valley was born of a group of young men seeking to sate their musical hunger.  They just weren't getting what they needed from their current bands so they joined forces to rock Florida's collective face off.  This is their story:

Vince "Catgut Stitches" Cranford plays guitar, harmonica and sings with Love Valley. 

Previous Experience:  He cut his teeth performing with Vintage all over Brevard County. 

Favorite Bands:  He loves jamming to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers and many, many more.

Influences:  Nothing occurs in a vacuum so he considers himself influenced by everyone, but loves David Gilmour and Paul Kossoff amongst many others.

Coleman Wilcox

Corey Yentz

Jeremy Novick

Jeff Stanton

Bob Barile