Love Valley. A band of five dedicated musicians with roots in classic rock, blues, hard rock, grunge and pretty much everything in between.

The band employs multiple lead vocalists, great harmonies, a strong repertoire, improvisational proficiency, exciting performance, and unprecedented execution of rock 'n roll. In other words, sonic bliss with spectacular visual aid. 

With decades of combined experience performing in Brevard county this veritable super-group features former members of Vintage, Rough Edges, Jeff Stanton Trio, Southern Fried Genocide and many other bands...just be prepared to have your mind blown!

Vince "Catgut Stitches" Cranford  - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Coleman Wilcox - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Novick - Percussion, Vocals
Corey Yentz - Bass, Vocals
Jeff Stanton - Piano, Organ, Vocals
Bob Barile - Sound, Sexiness


Shows are finally picking back up again and if you haven't seen us in a while then do yourself a favor and make it happen!  We've added 2 spectacular musician/vocalists in the last few months and it's a whole new Love Valley show!  Check our calendar and see next time we are playing near you and we will see YOU there!

T Shirts are here!!! 

The T shirts have arrived in sizes S-3XL and the Women's tank tops should be here for this weekend's shows!  Show your Love Valley pride and give us some free advertising for a $20 tip!

Working on setting up an online store so you can buy our gear even if you cant make it to the shows so stay tuned for that, though we recommend making the trip!

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